[ 1989 - 1997 ]

Sohrab Habibion Vocals, Guitar, Farfisa Steve Raskin Guitar, Backing Vocals Geoff Sanoff Bass John Dugan Drums

The Story

An often overlooked staple of the Washington D.C. scene, Edsel shared the sound and philosophy of one of the world’s most prolific and influential regions without losing sight of their own unique vision. Packaged in a handsome dye-cut full-color sleeve designed by band member and graphic artist Steve Raskin, these two songs put forth a huge step toward that concept while refusing to obscure the environment that fostered them. (Also available as part of Jade Tree’s retrospective CD, The First Five Years [JT1050])

Where Are They Now?
John Dugan Having played drums in Chisel and made a solo album, Dugan currently calls Chicago home, where he is a freelance writer for Citysearch.com, Salon.com, and the Twin Cities Reader. Sohrab Habibion Currently a New York resident, Habibion is a freelance designer and musician. Steve Raskin Still in Washington D.C., Raskin continues to do graphic design. He is also a producer and DJ under the pseudonym of Thunderball, where he plays and records for the Eighteenth Street Lounge crew, spearheaded by Thievery Corporation. Geoff Sanoff An engineer at Stratosphere Studios, Sanoff lives in New York City and was, incidentally, an assistant engineer for Jets To Brazil’s “Four Cornered Night” album.


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February 1995