[ 1991 - 1995 ]

Andrew Beaujon Vocals, Guitar, Organ Evan Shurak Bass, Vocals (JT1010) Rob Christiansen Drums (JT1010), Guitar (JT1016), Vocals Jane Buscher Bass (JT1016) Ben Currier Drums (JT1016)

The Story

We have no idea what “twee” is either, but as long as the critics are falling over themselves trying to find new ways to differentiate pop music into a thousand different genres, allow us to introduce you to Eggs— “proto-twee,” if you will. This D.C. indie pop outfit pulled at heartstrings, soothed the soul, made room for a trombone, and managed to break up before SPIN could come up with a new subgenre for them. Forgive us for taking it upon ourselves. (Also available as part of Jade Tree’s retrospective CD, The First Five Years [JT1050])

Critically acclaimed and sorely missed, Eggs and Pitchblende were at the forefront of a wave of early 90s indie bands that played as much with their hearts as they did with their brains. Precursors to the smart-pop and math-rock aesthetes, respectively, this record still bestows an aura of simplicity, honesty, and dedication to the idea that good ideas were meant to be fucked with. (Also available as part of Jade Tree’s retrospective CD, The First Five Years [JT1050])

Where Are They Now?
Andrew Beaujon Moved to New York City in 1995, where he landed a job at SPIN. After a couple of years there, Beaujon moved on to the wonderfully ornate world of Martha Stewart Living and the terribly stale Microsoft before returning to SPIN in 1999 as their copy chief. He's married and living in Richmond, Virginia, going bald, and producing dance records for a Scottish DJ called Tha Cheeky Bastid. Rob Christensen After Eggs' demise, Rob produced several records in the D.C. and Northern Virginia area. He got tired of that and moved to Japan for a couple of years as an English teacher. Having recently relocated to Brooklyn--where else?--he is currently releasing records under the name Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers, on Darla, with his wife, Jeannine. Evan Shurak Left Eggs in 1993 and completed college at American University, where he was the final graduate in its Music and Technology program. He currently lives in Washington D.C. and is doing computer stuff too difficult to explain. Jane Busher MIA Ben Currier MIA


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January 1993

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7 Inch | Digital Download
November 1994