[ 2000 - Present ]

Tim Kinsella Singing Victor Villareal Guitar Sam Zurick The Bass Mike Kinsella Drums

The Story

Tim Kinsella had spent the second half of the '90s trying to shake his past by writing far-fetched concept records with his dreamy post-Cap'N Jazz band Joan Of Arc. But that band's particular brand of art-rock never quite rocked the way certain fans hoped it would-thus, when word seeped out in the fall of 2000 that Kinsella had called in his childhood friends for a band that would essentially pick up where Cap'N Jazz left off, underground circles were abuzz with the idea of a more "accessible" sound being brought forth. This did not happen. Instead, Kinsella presented his Owls: a unique four piece collective that would blend free-jazz improvisation with loose and poetic post-punk that sounded like a Boy-era U2 taking hits of homemade acid. Though it wasn't quite the scream-and-strum return to form many expected, with Owls, Kinsella and his former mates have managed to reach out to a new generation of fans who can still respect him in the morning. Even when he is singing about having sex with Jesus.



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July 2001
Tour Dates
11/5 Newcastle, Australia Newcastle University - Bar on the Hill 12:00 am
11/28 Eindhoven, Netherlands De Kapel 6:30 pm
12/19 Tulle, France Des Lendemains Qui Chantent 7:30 pm
12/19 Chicago, IL Subterranean 3:00 am
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