The Story

Raging just south of the more celebrated, Dischord-affilliated happenings of late-'80s/early-'90s D.C. was Swiz. Helmed by then 17-year-old guitar wonderboy Jason Farrell and fronted by the cool, slowburn of Shawn Brown, Swiz embodied its own motto, ˜Total Cool, Total Power”. Unflinching in its focus on the darker side of emotion and social politics, the group pulled no punches, injecting bluesy, classic rock riffs and a healthy dose of roadhouse, bare-knuckle attitude into a harDCore just beginning its progression.

Where Are They Now?
Shawn Brown Still in Washington D.C., Shawn is a tattoo artist and currently the vocalist for Jesus Eater. Alex Daniels Currently a technology writer in the Washington D.C. area, we think he also spends a lot of time down in New Orleans. Doing what, we have no idea! Jason Farrell A renowned graphic designer, Farrell is currently living and skating in Los Angeles. Jason is now deeply involved with his musical baby, Retisonic. Nathan Larson Went on to move to New York City and join Shudder To Think. With Shudder, he helped score the soundtrack to “First Love, Last Rites;” as a solo composer, Larson scored the soundtrack to the Oscar-winning film “Boys Don’t Cry.” Nathan has released a solo record for Artemis, and is enjoying marital bliss with ex-Cardigans lead vocalist Nina Perrson. Dave Stern Currently living in New York City, Dave has returned to his work in film.


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May 1992


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February 1999

January 1970
Having recently relocated to the Left Coast, mind-bending guitarist Jason Farrell - SWIZ / SWEETBELLY FREAKDOWN - has discovered the fountain of...