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January 20, 2004

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Writing and playing guitar for the Desaparecidos, this is Denver Dalley's side project. "Leave Your Name" is the follow up to his EP, both released on Jade Tree, and "Leave Your Name" simply elongates the sound depicted on the EP, but is perhaps a much more inquisitive endeavor, suddenly suprising the listener with a simple riff that sounds akin to a pop punk song in the intro; or with the often anti-climactic, dark sound of the synths and guitar layers.

Though the sound of a clean guitar hook can get repetitive on this record, Dalley encorporates quite a myriad of hooks and ideas that are to-the-point and comes across as totally original. And, truly, few bands come across sounding like this; synth blasted dark pop with spacey, dreary chords and structures. Though the lyrics are nothing compelling and the songs meaning almost directly to the point, it's the occassional variety of styles I was able to appreciate on this disc. For, after the droning, depressing "Accomplishment," Dalley envelopes the listener with a huge pop guitar line that reminds me of "Read Music Speak Spanish," but as if it were only a fluke, the next song continues the dreary dark journey the disc seems to keep coming back to.

While most of the songs are quite dark and slow, and sometimes take awhile to enjoy, the disc is a thoughtful, hypnotic disc that makes you wonder whether Dalley should stay in Desaparecidos or not. Well, maybe not that good, but it's a pretty innovative, moody disc that makes the sound a dreary, rainy day would make.

Emotional Punk