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July 30, 2003

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Paint It Black recently formed from the ashes of hardcore giants, Kid Dynamite and Lifetime, have at last released their first album. To say anything less than perfection was expected from their debut album is a massive understatement. So, do they deliver with CVA?

Dan Yemin, former guitarist for Kid Dynamite and Lifetime, does the main vocals in Paint It Black; and boy, are they powerful. The fiercely political lyrics are yelled with an intensity that rivals that of the mighty Bane. Drummer David Wagenschutz, of Good Riddance, provides the, at times, ridiculously fast beats.

The first track, "Cannibal," kicks this one off with a nice big scream from Yemin - our introduction to Paint It Black. It simply blows you away. Some nicely sung backing vocals complete this killer opening song. "Atticus Finch," is a standout with its somewhat slow tempo and vicious lyrics condemning those around that are so quick to point fingers without reason. Another lyrical highlight of this release is "Less Deicide, More Minor Threat..." focusing on the fact that our society seems to concentrate so much on personal tragedy and purveys a culture of fear. Most of the songs on CVA are personal commentaries on society and politics in general. If only all lyricists were so socially conscious.

Listening to this release evokes thoughts of older-sounding hardcore punk bands. This is a purebred late 80s, early 90s sound, and it absolutely rips. There are 17 tracks on this disc and they blow by in an all-too-short 19 minutes. There is no pause throughout the album, which will leave you completely breathless after the first listen.

So, yes they do deliver, and not enough good things can really be said about CVA; this is powerful, moving, intense hardcore. But it does have an undeniable punk edge, so don't look here for the latest metal-core offering from Victory. This is a punk album through and through and it most definitely deserves your attention.

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