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April 8, 2005

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With all songs clocking under a minute and a half, Paint It Black delivers an album that doesn’t require a lot of your already so short attention span. But even then they manage to capture every bit of attention necessary. It’s fast, pissed off and at times even melodic, which could be the only point of criticism one could have on their debut “CVA”. With Dan Yemin from former Lifetime and Kid Dynamite fame at the steering wheel and David Wagenshultz of Kid Dynamite and Good Riddance behind the drums, Paint It Black is on a course to become one of the better old school hardcorebands around. Hell, at some points you even recognise influences from the short lived Kid Dynamite, and that’s a good thing. Basically, if you like old school hardcore with a modern twist, this album just blows you away.
Score: 8