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February 18, 2008

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Release Date: Out Now
Label: Reflections
Rating: (8)

First things first, history lesson. Paint It Black is fronted by a man called Dan Yemin, he played in seminal groups like Lifetime and Kid Dynamite, bands that inspired members of Thursday, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday, Midtown and Saves The Day to form bands (yeah, blame him). After Kid Dynamite broke up he suffered a stroke, instead of giving up on music he formed Paint It Black and then eventually reformed Lifetime – all while gaining qualifications in clinical psychology and then pursuing the profession in Philadelphia. In short, homeboy is a legend. A busy legend at that. With that out the way let us turn our ears to the band’s third album, ?°»New Lexicon’, a rollercoaster of 15 slices of punk rock delivered in 30 minutes flat. This album is possibly Paint It Black’s best yet, perhaps due to the added influence of dälek producer Oktopus alongside the production mainstay J Robbins, or perhaps because the band simply got better at doing what they do. Either way, it is another career highlight from a man who did more for modern rock than he ever meant to, cared to or wanted to.
FOR FANS OF: Lifetime, Jawbox, The Explosion

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