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December 18, 2003

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After a pretty hard weekend, I decided to go to Karlsruhe for a nice chill-out Sunday watching a couple of bands. But in a completely packed club, chilling is not as easy as one might think.

First of Call David from Stuttgart tried to get the crowd going with their screamo sound. They weren’t bad at all, did their best on stage to not look lame and some of there songs even made people dance. Luckily they didn’t look like you streotype emo kid with black dyed hair, tight shirts and buttons all over their clothes. After about 35 minutes they finished their set and it was time for New Mexican Disaster Squad a band which got their record deal with AF records through a Strike Anywhere’s guitarplayers recommodation, being one of the best unsigned bands. Now they just released their album on AF records, which I really enjoyed. Live they weren’t as convincing. The songs didn’t have the stright forward drive they have on record and the melodic singign parts didn’t just sound as good, although that might have been due to the sound engenieer, who knows. In comparison Strike Anywhere were able to fully convinve me from the first chord on. They’re simply pure energy one stage rocking an almost one hour set whit most of the “chours of one” and lots of new material, with which quite a large number of people in the crowd seemed to be familiar with. The place was just going crazy song after song. Somewhere in the first part of the song, some crowdsurfers tears some electric cords from the ceiling, which looked pretty scary. The sound engenieers pleads to stop crowd surfing where heard for about 2 songs, but then hell broke lose again. After Strike Anywhere did their anchor song, they left the stage, and we left the club, but as we were walking out, we heard som more music coming from within, and I read in other reviews, that NMDS came back on stage to play some Minor Threat songs. Damn I’d love to have seen that, but anyway, a nice end of a nice weekend

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