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January 16, 2004

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It's generally wise not to form opinions of an album on the basis of its cover art and song titles, but every once in a while we get discs that are exactly what their packaging suggests they'll be. Nightmares is a case in point. From the album title to the cover art to the song titles ("Hell in the Darkness", "The Final Goodbye" and "The Inner Beast" are my favourites), you just know that From Ashes Rise are going to be an angry hardcore punk band. That expectation is borne out within the first 30 seconds of album opener "Reaction": crashing drum rolls, a spiky guitar riff and lead singer Brad Boatright screaming "To sheer nothingness / To the last breath of reckless abandon." Those who want nuance and insight in their political critiques won't find much to go on with songs like "On The Fray" ("Black smoke rise and fill the blood red skies / Manmade dust designed to blind our eyes") or "The Inner Beast" ("I don't believe in badges that hide the inner beast / That hide the evil of those within"), but if you're the type of person who believes that smashing a Nike Store window helps to weaken global capitalism, From Ashes Rise will probably be just the band to help soundtrack your political statements.


Matthew Pollesel