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April 1, 2004

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[B]1. At what moment did music actually affect your life, becoming more than a mere background?[/B]

leif: i was 6 years old and was listening to rafi (baby beluga) and i thought "this shit is gold"... for real.

dagan: i was 8 listening to dire straits playing pool and air guitaring with a pool cue, and i realized the future wasn't pool it was air guitar.

joel: i'm not sure.  i think music has affected me since i can remember.  if i had to pick a moment i'd say, when i went to the regina folk festival when i was like 8  and made a craft guitar at a craft station and pretended to jam with all the bands i saw.

[B]2. What bands influenced you the most with a) musical style, b) your dress sense?[/B]

leif: a) mike olfield - tubular belles (b) 34 waist pants, 36 length, 42 long jacket.

dagan: a) mc hammer (b) hammer pants

joel: a) all the friends i've played music with (b) i don't wear dresses

[B]3. A moment in your life and a song that seem so perfectly intertwined in your memory?[/B]

leif: sade, that song off the newer album, umm... lovers rock in a european cafe

dagan: elderly woman behind a counter in a small town by pearl jam as a girl kissed my neck and freaked me out.

joel:  sigur ros (first song on blue album) at my wedding as my wife Riva walked down the aisle.  she was so beautiful and song is also beautiful...

[B]4.The best show you ever saw, and the reasons why it was so amazing?[/B]

leif: At the Drive In in Barcelona because it was good and fun.

dagan: Constantines in austin texas at the sub pop showcase because it was empowering and honest.

joel: Fugazi.  i never thought i'd get the chance to see them.

[B]5. The best show you ever played yourself and why?[/B]

leif:  all of them were good but saskatoon at the 306 fest was the best. People streaked and stormed the stage.

dagan:  um...

joel: 306 fest in saskatoon, same as leif.

[B]6.Why did you chose to pick up and start playing the instrument you primarily play?[/B]

leif:  it just happened that way.

dagan: it looked super cool...

joel: i don't know....

[B]7. we all have favourite songs for different moments/emotion. What are your;
A) top three love songs[/B]

1) i don';t want to wait in vain - bob marley
2) beds too big without you - police
3) bobby mcferrin off of the circle song album

1) Maps - yeah yeah yeahs
2) nothing compares - shinade o'connors
3) moondance - van morrison

[B]B) top three sad songs[/B]

1) hurt - Johnny cash
2) hurt - NIN
3) bed are burning - midnight oil

[B]C) top three party songs[/B]

1)  i feel good - james brown
2) the big payback - james brown
3) what you do to my body - lee arron

[B]D) top three get obliterated to songs[/B]

1) leif doesn't drink - the dumb question band
2) the piano's been drinking - tom waits
3) and justice for all - mettalica   

We know a lot forgotten good polish sound but names of artists and titles will tell you nothing

[B]8. Favourite Joke?[/B]

so far, this interview...

[B]9.Party trick?[/B]

leif: weird back trick.

joel: leaving early

dagan: doing the worm across the floor.

[B]10.The person you connect with most?[/B]

leif: my mom

dagan: my best friend jay/ the crowd man...totally vibing dude

joel: my wife riva

[B]11.Name three people you could quite happily see disappear?[/B]

1. George w. bush
2. Houdini
3. Tony blair

[B]12.Are you happy?[/B]

leif: more happy that you know.

dagan: yes

joel: yes