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August 19, 2004

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This Canadian band is catching everyone's attention. Despistado comes from the prairies and the group is able to mix DC style post-punk and a bit of a retro punk sound along the veins of Gang Of Four. A little more post-punk than that retro sound and it's all good. The Emergency Response is the first effort that these guys have taken the time off of touring to lay down on tape. This little EP kicks off with a firecracker and the best song, "A Stirsticks Prediction" kicks in with a bass riff and some nonsense singing seconds before the rest of the group kicks in and lets you know what you are in for during the next 20 minutes. "Hi-Fi Stereo" is a track that really wouldn't sound that out of place on the Dischord label. In fact it sounds a lot like their new band Black Eyes. All is not top-notch though. I felt that "Bubbles" could have easily been left off the EP and I would have felt much better about it. Small complaint about an introduction to a new band. I'll be keeping my eyes out for the Despistado full-length album. I guess my question to leave you with, how in the hell did the prestigious Jade Tree Records ever hear about this Saskatchewan group?

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Dennis Scanland