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October 12, 2004

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By now, there is no excuse if you haven't at least heard of Breather Resist. After a 7 inch and an incredible full length, Only in the Morning, the band went on to do a spilt with none other than the master minds of Suicide Note. If those releases weren't reason enough to check out Breather Resist, Charmer is sure to draw you in.

Charmer takes the band's previous works and expands on them. The album screams to a start and doesn't stop till its completion. Breather Resist not only performs metalcore to its fullest, they seem to be attempting to redefine it. Faster and more brutal than any release I've heard this year, Charmer is in fact, a pure joy. Breather Resist breathe new life into metalcore, in the most impressive way since Burnt By the Sun released The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good.

With an opening track like "A Insomniac's Complexion" the band hooks the listener from the very start, and continues to live up to the energy and brutality of the first track, throughout the album's entirety. The album's third track "Midas In Reverse" has it's slower, yet brutal parts, but "Honest to God" brings the album right back up to speed. "As Far as Goodbyes Go" is easily one of my favorite tracks on the album, and shows the variety and depth of the band's style.

Breather Resist has seemingly put out the most artistic vision of metalcore I've heard since Curl Up and Die's double EP last year, and the most impressive quality of Breather Resist is that even though they have their obvious immediate influences, the contents of the music speaks for itself, and proves the band to be a rarity, a metalcore band going towards artistic vision rather than the band wagon.

Charmer lives up to it's title, and shows Breather Resist to be an important entity in the music world, as one of the most unique act on today's scene. I highly enjoyed this album and recommend it to any open minded individual.

Decoy Music

Josh Tabbia