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October 26, 2004

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Breather Resist reminds me of Converge or another hardcore band that isbrutal but not metal. Maybe Converge is metal. Well anyway, Breather Resist
is hardcore/punk but not metal. It is refreshing to listen to heavy music that isn't all jud jud and meedely meedely solo's. I like that stuff too but Breather Resist is more of a mix between Botch and These Arms Are
Snakes. I let a few of my friends hear this record and they really liked the music but didn't like the vocals. I really don't like a lot of throaty vocals and these are a bit throaty but not too much so I still like them.
These guys prefer to be called punk and one of the best things about this band for me is this statement that was in the write up that came with the cd - "While some may lump us into being a hardcore bans, I think we're more
punk rock in the sense that all truly independent music is punk rock, as opposed to one sound?°? having a trademark on the term. When most people think of punk they tend to think of Rancid or one of those bands, but I think the term is more about attitude and ethics." I really like this statement. It was delivered by Evan Patterson and he is the guitarist. He used to play
guitar for national Acrobat, and Black Cross. I liked those two bands but I think that Breather Resist is way better.


Ryan Wolf