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March 23, 2004

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After sucessfully listening to "The Instinct" record five times, I think I'm ready to give my opinion. Honestly, I don't think words can really describe how great this band really is, so this review won't really do it justice, you'll have to listen to it to base your own opinion.

Denali, which features half of the members of one of my favorite bands of all time, ENGINE DOWN, and Maura Davis, Keeley of ENGINE DOWN's sister on vocals, keyboards, and guitar have released one of the best releases of the year. This music is honest, original, and beautiful and every song is amazingly flawless and perfect. Maura Davis delivers a performance so scrumtrallescent, I can barely move. Listening to this record is like looking into the face of God, and seeing him smiling back at you and saying "You are my most wonderous creation".

But seriously, to cut down on the bullshit, every song on The Instinct is my favorite. Not a lot of records can contain songs that all rule equally. One of my favorite parts the guitarist does, for the intro of the song "Surface" he plays this dark sounding guitar riff with delay on it, and it sounds rad. Maura's vocals can be very haunting, which can resemble Bjork, and the singer of The Cardigans. Her voice is beautiful. This record is flawless. If you don't own it, you're not that tight of a person. Buy it now!


Kamtin Mohager