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August 10, 2004

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In the past six months, the brothers Patterson have probably emitted more cacophony into my household than all other noise rockers combined (thanks guys!). They of the Black Cross/National Acrobat cultdom, brother Evan leaving brother Ryan to thrash away in Coliseum while he creates tornados of guitar shred in the equally chaos-worthy Breather Resist. Funny, I always pictured this band being pretty emo based on their name, but Jesus H. Christ, this is a loud slab of something-or-other. Call it math rock meets science (science rock?), untainted noise fury devouring metalcore in one fell bite, or just plain emotion catharsis. Whichever tag you give it (hey, or make up your own!), Charmer's blowing your speakers and tearing any flesh within listening distance right off of bone. Okay, let's throw the band names Kiss It Goodbye, Chokebore, and (once again) The National Acrobat into this here review just to create a mental soundscape, and then quickly forget trying to compare Breather Resist to anyone else. With lyrics that wax circles around most notebook crud, and a deeper understanding of what it takes to get a listener from point A to Z (i.e. — listening to a whole album without lulling off to la-la land), Breather Resist are currently your best bet for loud, chaotic, and monumental.


Jason Schreurs