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March 3, 2005

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The Loved Ones debut with an EP featuring five tunes that are so inspiring and so good that I got my head shaking against the wall when I first heard them. Imagine me: in my living room, with the stereo so fucking loud that I was dancing and my neighborhood that got frightened as soon as "100K" got started. The band is a three piece made of Dave House on vocals and guitar, Micheal Cotterman on bass and Micheal Sneeringer on drums, all folks who had their punk rock career started in bands like KID DYNAMITE, THE CURSE, TRIAL BY FIRE and PAINT IT BLACK, where Hause also played. This new band is the perfect sum between the street punk rock of The Explosion and the Emo Core of Lifetime: in one word, it's the bomb! Seriously. The Loved Ones play fast, pissed off, emotionally active songs like "100K", "Chicken" and "Drastic" are a perfect and unique mix of melody, fast riffs, raw guitars, precise drummings and great songwriting, with a social-aware eye. The production, due to Brian McTernan is so neat that I would not wonder to find this band on the road with Thrice or some other major trendy band. The Loved Ones say they owe as much to Bruce Springsteen as Dillinger Four, but I guess The Loved Ones are totally innovative in their own genre, and I can't wait to heard their debut full lenght. Really, please guys, if you're reading this, drop by your tour and close yourself in some studio to record a LP, I am really anxious, anxious, anxious.

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