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March 8, 2005

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14 tracks, and there isn't a single song over 2 minutes long. The new Paint It Black album entitled “Paradise” is pretty much over before it begins. Would you honestly expect anything less though? Through the years I have associated just about every musical project Dan Yemin has been a part of, to be good in some way shape or form. How somebody can be so consistent time after time boggles my mind, but I am really not one to question such a thing. “Paradise” continues in the same “punch the listener in the grundle” fashion that “CVA” showcased. This album completely smokes, and there are even a few new twists added to hopefully rope in more fans of Mr. Yemen’s previous bands.

“Paradise” isn’t too strikingly different from Paint It Black’s previous record. I have always believed in the cliché term: If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. (Pardon my momentary lapse into redneck terminology.) Overall, I have come to the conclusion that this is a much stronger offering than “CVA”. The one thing that “CVA” lacked was melody, which I think sort of alienated them from fans of Dan Yemen’s more melodic projects. On “Paradise” there are still a lot of straight up hardcore songs, but the record has been perfectly balanced, with hints of melodic guitar-work and back up vocals, surgically implanted in various parts of the record. The band even throws in some acoustic guitar tracks on the last song “Memorial Day”. I absolutely love this album. For fans of hardcore this album is completely essential, especially for fans still looking for a band to fill the void left by Kid Dynamite.


Barry Scatton