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March 25, 2005

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Remember, back before pop punk bands like Blink 182 homogenized the punk rock scene into something easily palatable by the mindless masses? Remember back to when you used to listen to great punk bands that your parents most probably would not have allowed you to listen to? Remember when getting bootleg tapes from your older brother's friends of cool new music was exciting? Remember when you kissed that first punk rock girl and she stuck her tongue in your mouth, and you liked it? Remember opening your birthday gifts and getting that bitchin' new Blind deck, and not being able to wait for the weekend so that you could go grind with your pals, back before there were skateparks, and you were still getting chased out of parking lots and malls? Remember when you went to the hardware store, or pet store to buy your dog chains, instead of to stores at the mall like Hot Topic? Remember when you used to lay awake at night thinking about where you were going to skate the next day? Remember before Social Distortion was a country band, and made some very good smooth punk rock? Remember when you used to cut up your new jeans and use safety pins to hold them together? Remember when you used to pierce your own ears with a safety pin, ice cube and potato? Remember listening to All records and singing along at the top of your voice as you drove back from the show at a neighboring college town, when you had told your mom you were going to a friend's house for a sleepover? Remember back before Green Day was a household name, and lived in your daughter's cd collection right next to Ashlee Simpson? Remember when records came on vinyl? Remember having a Vandals patch on your jacket, right next to a UK Subs?

If you do, then the The Loved Ones is a band for you. Full of glorious punk rock attitude and style, but not so hard-edged that you'll want to immediately get into a fight. Even on the acoustic guitar only "Drastic", this band pushes the punk rockness into your face. This three-piece punk outfit has come to hopefully put some of the attitude back into punk rock, while still creating listenable and bouncy tracks. Slam dance, anyone?


Embo Blake