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July 12, 2005

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Okay, I'm sure Statistics' Denver Dalley, bandmate of Conor Oberst in the underrated Desaparecidos (Saddle Creek), is sick and tired of having his solo project compared to Bright Eyes. So let's not even make the comparison. Instead, let's focus on what Dalley is doing right on Often Lie. From the opening strains of "Final Broadcast," his cheesy but touching ode to college radio, it's clear Statistics are here to revive those fuzzy feelings of mid-to-late-'90s emo rock. Yep, we're talking Jimmy Eat World, Mineral, Sunny Day Real Estate ... Is this perking you up at all? If so, Often Lie is gonna get some serious spins. But, no worries for those looking for something a little more current - it's not all decade-old emo rock on this multifaceted album. More like an ode to those days with a current twist; tracks like the lovely "Say You Will" and the downright contemplative "By(e) Now" could easily stand up against any band the cool neighbor down the apartment building hall is cranking first thing in the morning. And, yes, that includes you-know-who. Oops, sorry, there I go ...

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Jason Schreurs