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February 3, 2006

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"Note: If you’re not a fan of hardcore, don’t read this. Lords is not a band that can ?┬░┬╗introduce’ you to hardcore, and you won’t like album. At all.
Somewhere on my computer is a half-written review of Swords - it decided to play hide and seek, and I couldn’t find it. I yelled olly-olly-occent-free, or however you spell that, but it didn’t come out.

It makes me sad, because Lords is the type of band that is to be experienced, not analyzed, and my initial experience listening to Swords produced much more material than my later analysis of it (which is what you’re reading now). Lords is the type of hardcore-meets-punk band that can blaze through 13 tracks in 20 minutes and keep your attention for every second of it. There’s straight hardcore here (“She is the Last”) and something that comes close to punk (opener “Stigmata Rites”), but mostly the band mixes the frenetic strumming of punk guitars with the ear-shattering heaviness of hardcore guitars, accented by furious punk drumming and hardcore scream/yelling. It’s a true punk-hardcore mix, alright. It's not punk and hardcore interchangeably. This is punk and hardcore in a blender. That’s pretty much the formula with every song, but these guys never keep any song around long enough for the formula to get old.

And it burns just like a great punk-hardcore band should. These guys don’t deal in clichés; Swords is an album that will make you believe in the creativity of hardcore again. It’s an extremely fractured, pounding album that never lets up. If you’re a fan of hardcore, there is no excuse you can give me that would allow you to not get this disc. I can’t really say much more about Swords other than listen to it fully the first time. It’s a pretty intense experience."

Delusions of Adequacy

Stephen Carradini