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January 17, 2006

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"Beatles on downers. That was my first impression of Rocinate, but I do like this album. It is rich with lifeless volume and dragging montone beats; a sequence of sounds (speech, song or music) that stays at exactly the same pitch throughout. It makes you shift in your seat and feel the rhythm. Anything out of the norm with music almost always is catchy and artistic. This CD is an abstract painting with notes. It embodies a language of tunes and shallow remnants of the 60s and 70s hippies that make you swim in air and mimic instruments with your body. It makes you think of movies where the main character is going through a drug-induced high and is coming to the realization that they have a problem. This is a good grooving album, and I think it will definitely go into your collection as that one CD you use to sit back and just chill.

Reviewer: Erika Ellis new pop

Reviewer's Rating: 8.5
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Erika Ellis