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June 23, 2006

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I just got back from the David Bazan (formerly Pedro the Lion) show at the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. It was pretty sweet. He had a good set, a good mixture of old stuff, recent stuff, and brand new stuff. Some songs I remember off the top of my head (which I won't tag because I actually find it profoundly annoying that whenever I come across a song title in someone's journal entry, I have to read the name of the artist beforehand every time): "Slow and Steady Wins The Race", "Priests and Paramedics", "Transcontinental", "Options", "Bands With Managers", a cover of Randy Newman's "Political Science", "Foregone Conclusions" (it wasn't on his set, but we convinced him to play us an extra one), and "Winners Never Quit" as a closer. And of course a few songs from his new EP entitled "Fewer Moving Parts."

I had a great time, partly because of the great music and partly because Jeremy, Nate, Jacob and I got an amazing table just five feet away from Mr. Bazan. Plus I had some great interaction with the man himself during a couple Q&A sessions, and I got several good laughs out of both him and the audience. I was pretty pleased with myself, but obviously that's not the point.

I'm looking forward to his full-length coming out next year... I hope it's less cynical than his past stuff, but I'm not counting on it.

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