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July 18, 2006

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We’ve really been waiting for this one – already an office favourite, receiving a countless amount of plays in the last few weeks, it’s a pleasure to be finally able to share our love of a band we know almost nothing about. Going under the peculiarly obtuse moniker ?°»Panda & Angel’, this US band blend together years of classic indie music to create what I’d like to describe as the perfect indie record?°¦ yeah ok I’m exaggerating, but I love this record. Opening with the slow build of ?°»Mexico’, the first thing you notice is the honest and stark vocals from frontwoman Carrie Murphy. She comes across like a cross between Lush and Cat Power but at the same time sounding like neither. I’ve seen comparisons made to My Bloody Valentine and Lali Puna also, but although there are definite nods towards the shoegazers in stand-out track ?°»Dangerous’, I’d rather compare this to early Breeders – you know, when they were highly charged and addictive with songs that just dared you not to press that repeat button. ?°»Dangerous’ is a real classic in every sense of the word, as soon as I’d heard it I knew it back to front, rarely does music stick so long in the consciousness but this has all the hallmarks of a true classic. If you’re into Low, Calexico, the Throwing Muses, the Cocteau Twins, Slowdive?°¦ well frankly if you’re into good quality guitar music, then there’s just no chance you won’t fall in love. BUY!

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