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July 24, 2006

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Today we bring you the latest installment of what seems to be our exhaustive journey through the catalog of Jade Tree records. (Hey, there are a lot of great bands on this label!).

Although only poised on the eve of their first Jade-Tree release, Georgia’s Snowden has managed to build up pretty impressive live resume from their humble beginnings in Athens and Atlanta. The band initially started making the trek to New York to open for such indie hotlist bands such as Arcade Fire, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and The Unicorns (R.I.P.). These shows quickly got the attention of Jade Tree execs who have welcomed the band on-board for an August 2006 LP.

Anti-Anti, the title track from their afore mentioned upcoming LP is full of the thick distortion, driving and simplistic rhythms, and hooky melody lines that so often prove the magic ingredients of indie-anthem stardom. You can check this track out courtesy of their site as well as a few more on their MySpace page. And if that wets your appetite then check this out?°¦the band has made their entire S/T EP available completely for free on their site solely for your listening pleasure. That’s right?°¦just YOURS. So what are you waiting for? Rush right over and pick up that freebie EP and then just count the sleepless nights till their full-length drops August 22th.

Kinky Oragimi