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February 1, 2007

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Late on in 2005, upon loosing their singer, the remaining three members of
Louisville’s Breather Resist decided to press onward under a new alias.
Playing in a similar vein, the trio pummels through an eardrum splintering
mix of bass and drum heavy Chicago post-hardcore, 70’s full stack Southern
sludge, and angular D.C. dissonance.  With guitarist Evan Patterson holding
down vocal duties the band looses the cornball hardcore growl that hindered
them during their run with Breather, but the David Yow styling makes the
long-standing Jesus Lizard comparison even more unavoidable. While Young
Widow’s influential sources are far from inconspicuous, they do what they do
exceptionally well.  Inciting a maniacal head bangers ball at all times,
both their relentless intensity and precision make for a crushing listening
experience. The recording techniques of Chris Owens (Lords) often give off
the impression that your listening to the band play in a bomber hanger and
help to magnify an already monstrous sound. If you’re into any of the
previously mentioned genres and the bands that defined them, this one will
get your blood moving. (BM)

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Brian Moss