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August 6, 2007

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What’s all the hype with these guys? The kids are getting curious like shit to flies. But I don’t want to make such a crappy (pun intended) comparison because I think this is good. I mean, it establishes a chubby, yet doesn’t incite full-on wood. I’d say they’ve come quite a ways since that first seven inch, executing some raw punk hardcore like it’s a cinch. having Chris Owens (Lords, Ed Gein, Engineer, Young Widows) work the dials on the production board certainly adds a lot of dirty fuzz to these songs when he presses ?┬░┬╗record’. Right off the bat things kick in with a serious Hot Snakes vibe and from there on out it’s a pretty good ride. As things progress it moves into territory more akin to former labelmates (and who knows where the hell they are now) The Explosion. Add those elements together into short punk blasts and you get a good debut that pretty much kicks ass.

HEX zine

Ryan Canavan