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October 2, 2003

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This year Jade Tree is driving me really crazy. They put out such amazing stuff as Paint It Black, The Statistics, Kid Dynamite, Strike Anywhere and will put out the new Denali record soon. Whay a year! What a label! Speaking of nice bands, the new record from Strike Anywhere is just the bomb I was expecting. "Exit English" explodes from the first tracks: "Amplify" and "Blaze" really show what the band and their new record is all about: political aware fist-pumping anthems that will literally blow you away. Just like the previous "Change Is A Sound" and "Chorus Of One", the tunes are fast, melodic, with socially active lyrics and the world, the state of things, politics and relationships, but on "Exit English" the lyrics, which are always super active, are written less like anthems and more like poetry. Having such tunes about police brutality and class consciousness on the previous "Change Is A Sound", with raging chords all over their songs, Strike Anywhere's balance of vegan politics and rock'n'roll just does not disappear on the new album: passionate lyrics about the class state, rebellion, revolution, solidariety, equality and personal lifestyle expiriences all sung perfeclty by dreadlocked frontman Thomas Barnett, whose voice is able to catch the melodies, to become anger ( on "Eitnguish" ) and even almost whispered (on "Lights Go Out") or softer, on "Modern Life". The 12 track on the album are all worth every second, with a lot of originality and the total absence of hardcore punk clichés: this record is just perfect in every way. "Exit English" detonate on September 30, so be sure to get your copy, because THIS IS THE ALBUM OF THE YEAR.

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