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August 31, 2009

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From the inbox (via the still kicking Jade Tree Records}: Is it punk? Hardcore? Garage? Make up your own mind about Cloak/Dagger's latest full-length, Lost Art. Colin Barth's winding guitars juggle melody, punch and vitriol is on par with the Avengers, John Reis, Mission of Burma and Greg Ginn. Play it loud on tracks such as “Deathbed Rebels” that push the punk envelope a bit further with frenzied, circle-pit fodder reminiscent of the Circle Jerks and Big Boys.

Download the new song "I Don't Want A" [URL]|here|EXTERNAL[/URL]

Underneath, snaking rolls of bass drive the proceedings with the flawless percussive thrust of The Ramones, Hot Snakes and bygone Boston hardcore heroes F.U.s and Jerry’s Kids. Over this, Jason Mazzola distinguishes the band with a full, arching tenor that’s more bellow than scream. Mazzola’s delivery and lyrics shine especially on numbers like “Lower Eastada” and “Dead Idols,” where the band’s punk ?°»n roll swagger takes over. After listening to Lost Art, you won’t be worried about categorizing the band, only seeing them when they go back on tour.

* A test pressing of Lost Art will be sneak previewed in the band’s hometown of Richmond at the store/gallery Henry, for the First Friday Art Walk this Friday (9/4). If you live nearby, check it out at 212 W Broad St between Madison & Jefferson in Richmond.

** Lost Art will be released on CD and LP on November 3rd and is now available for pre-order in the Jade Tree Store. Each LP will include a coupon allowing a download of the songs in MP3 format. Andrew Black of The Explosion will be playing drums for the band on their upcoming European Tour.