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September 17, 2003

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Reviewing a Kid Dynamite album is not a very easy issue for myself, as I am a great fan of this band and I know I would not be able to judge well their songs and records as a "real critic". But nevermind that, I will try. The new record from Kid Dynamite is not a new album. "Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems" is a collection of 29 songs, plus one DVD where you can see some amazing live recording and interviews. Speaking of the CD, it features 29 songs divided into five sections: the classics, the covers, the demo outtakes, the unreleased songs with Jay singing, and some live songs recorded on a live radio show. Basically, this disc has it all: 29 good reasons for statring the mosh pit. From the Kid Dynamite stuff like "Heart A Tact", "Give 'em the Ripped One", "Showofff", "Never Met the Gooch" and "Wristrocket", the album does not have a moment of stop. You can also hear how Kid Dynamite sound when they are recording a demo for a record: even faster and most furious, on such tunes as "Sweet Shop Syndacate" and "Fuckuturn". The unreleased tracks are smashing stuff as well, with Jason spilling blood from his troath, as on "News At 11", "Death And Taxes" and "32 Frames". The band also do cover some punk rock classics, as "Rise Above" from Black Flag, "Deny Everything" from Circle Jerks", "I Don't Wanna Hear It" from Minor Threat" and a less classic as "Macho Insecurities" from Dead Kennedys. The live radio show is made of seven tracks plus some interview questions during the time: "K05-0564", "The Penske File" and "Ph. Decontrol" are just awesome played live. The DVD instead features live video recordings from some old Kid Dynamite show and from their recent 2003 reunion for benefit shows. This band is a part of hardcore history, if you ever liked hardcore, I think this Kid Dynamite album is the number one MUST BUY ALBUM OF 2003: it contains a piece of hardcore history that we will not live again.

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