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October 27, 2003

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It's incredibly dismaying to come to the realization that old fashioned hardcore punk, once championed in it's halcyon days by the likes of Bad Religion, 7 Seconds, and even straight-edgers like Gorilla Biscuits, is becoming a dying art form. Few vestiges of the "old-school" remain, having been supplanted by dumbed-down, assembly-line mall punks, and the ever-increasing commercialization of "emo-core," a genre ironically spawned as a doggedly anti-corporate offshoot of hardcore punk. Could it be that when they dissolved in 2000 Philadelphia's Kid Dynamite exhaled the last dying breaths of this once gloriously galloping horse? While they didn't exactly fit the mold of the aforementioned Kid Dynamite undeniably evoked a similar ethos, and in keeping with such, Cheap Shots, a posthumous compilation of rarities, demos, and radio sessions also features appropriately blistering readings of Minor Threat's "I Don't Wanna Hear It," and the Circle Jerks 30 second anthem, "Deny Everything," further cementing Dynamite's reputation as in-your-face hardcore purists to the hilt. It's their originals of course that are the real emphasis of this album, with each track (averaging a fleeting 90 seconds) being a rigorous exercise in tight, visceral no-bullshit punk, that's rapidly becoming as extinct as the Dodo. The CD version of Cheap Shots is paired with a short DVD featuring live material and a preview of a more thorough Kid Dynamite full-length DVD coming to a store near you. (

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