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November 13, 2005

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This is what I want punk be. This is what any band that is definitely doing their own thing with their roots as disparate as Black Flag, KARP, Thin Lizzy, Megadeth, and Excelsior all colliding together ought to look up to. With one foot steeped in San Diego's mid-90's spazzcore craze, another in Southern rock, and a hand wiping the polish of the huge Louisville sound on their steel-toed boots Lords present their debut 'full-length', a term that should be applied loosely considering this whole thing clocks in at under 20 minutes, but has 13 songs all colliding one into another. The key term here is confusion, with songs racing by quicker than you can take notice, Chris Owen's voice flailing all over as he uses colorful metaphors and analogies to castles, feudal hardships, and other Middle Ages wording to get his point across. With only three members, walls upon walls of guitar cabinets, blasting songs, and artwork that is part collage, part mind fuckery Lords are really at the top of their game. There is no other band currently that is doing something quite like this and I certainly applaud them for it. It's quite amazing and you'll have to give this a few listens before things start to sink in as to how rad this band is. (Jade Tree,

Hanging Like A Hex

Ryan Canavan