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August 9, 2005

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Listening to Lords is like getting hit in the face with a rock and wanting more because the sound is catchy. Fast, raw, and intense, their Jade Tree debut has the guts and energy to keep their thrash-y, rock ?°»n’ roll sound fresh and fun even if a tad familiar.

Just under 20 minutes, Swords is a non-stop clash of flailing guitar riffs, throaty screams, and enough throttling drumbeats to make your head pound nails. The only breather comes when it’s all over, and then it needs to be repeated. No signs of 4/4 time anywhere on this thing, and it sounds like their playing hard enough to start fires. These Kentucky boys probably couldn’t part with their Allman Brothers records when they discovered Napalm Death too because Swords melds enough southern rock swagger to keep it from being another ride on the grindcore wagon.

There are a slew of math-metal/punk bands out there, and it’s easy for Lords to get lost in the heap. Eschewing choruses for patchy time signatures is nothing new, but Lords pull it off dazzlingly well, and unlike a lot of bands, they know when the energy dies and the rage sounds fake—keeping it all short and to the point. Swords is worth a search though the pile.

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