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January 25, 2007

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Despite having never been to Canada before, Chris Owens from Lords seems to have a pretty good grasp of the music scene here.

"Voivod rules, No Means No rules and Rush sucks," says the guitarist.

The Louisville, Kentucky trio make their Canadian debut this week with gigs in Ontario and Quebec. The trek will mark the band's second tour outside of the U.S. Their first came last year when they played their way across Europe. Owens is looking forward to exploring a new country and learning firsthand if there's any truth to what he's been told by new drummer Eric McManus and others.

"We've never played Canada before, so we're all pretty excited about it. I hope it doesn't suck. Eric has played there in other bands. He said it was pretty cool and that the bums were a lot nicer. I also think there are less Christians there and I've heard it's easier to get drugs."

Formed in 2003 out of the ashes of Slow Suicide, Lords released an EP titled The House That Lords Built the following year via Initial Records. They planned to put out their first full-length, 2005's blistering Swords, through the same imprint, but it went out of business while they were making it. After sending copies of the recording to a few labels, Jade Tree offered to help get their CD into the hands of the hard rock-loving masses.

Fans can expect to hear cuts from Swords along with a handful of new songs during Lords' upcoming dates. Mixing metal and punk together with brain spasm-inducing results, you may want to consider bringing earplugs in case the act are able to avoid the pitfalls of their two greatest concert adversaries.

"It will be loud unless we have to deal with some dickhead sound man who thinks every live band should sound like Megadeth's Countdown To Extinction record or if some of our amps break," says Owens. "Both have been known to happen from time to time."

The new songs will appear on Lords' sophomore effort, which should surface later this year. Owens wanted to have the recording out by March, but touring and working McManus into the band have eaten up a lot of valuable spare time. He has a lot of ideas about what he'd like to do with the project. However, it should be noted that, although quite creative, his judgment may be a little off at times.

"If I get my way, the album will be titled Fuck All Y'all Motherfuckers and hopefully be out by summer. Of course, if I had got my way for Swords, it would have had this picture I took of me jacking off and shooting a load of cum on a piece of paper that said "Sword Sux" behind the tray card, and the whole album would have repeated three times in a row on the disc."

Here are Lords' tour dates:

Jan. 25 Toronto, ON @ White Orchid
Jan. 26 Montreal, QC @ Linco
Jan. 27 Kingston, ON @ Clark Hall Pub
Jan. 28 Ottawa, ON @ End Hits
Jan. 29 London, ON @ Call The Office
Jan. 31 Sudbury, ON @ The Shrine Centre
Feb. 1 Hamilton, ON @ The Underground
Feb. 2 Guelph, ON @ Club Shadow
Feb. 3 Peterborough, ON @ Underdog

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