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January 25, 2007

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Lords deliver head-banging kill-your-mama music

Louisville, Kentucky, has a reputation within the punk rock community for producing some of the angriest, most sincere, original punk and hardcore bands the genre has ever turned out. Luckily, the most recent wave of Louisville bands, including Young Widows, Coliseum and the absolutely incredible Lords, is no exception to the city's tradition of fury and honesty.
"Don't let any one of us take that much credit for Louisville's reputation. The city has been a breeding ground for angry, incredible and influential punk rock bands since punk started," insists Chris Owens, Lords' guitarist, vocalist and owner of a recording studio called Headbanging Kill Your Mama Music.

Lords released their debut full-length, Swords, on Jade Tree Records in '05 following their The House That Lords Built EP on Coliseum frontman Ryan Patterson's Initial Records a year earlier.

"[Swords is] the most successful record I've ever been a part of and probably the least successful record Jade Tree has ever released. But we're really low overhead, so I think it works out," jokes Owens.

After spending much of '05 and '06 touring in support of Swords, Lords are planning to record and release their follow-up album sometime in '07.

"There will be a new record. I had wanted to get it out by March but that's not happening now. I want to call it 'Fuck All Y'all Motherfuckers' and the cover will be a crucified Jesus, but [on the sign on the cross] instead of 'INRI' it will say 'LORDS,' and in one

hand he'll be holding a gun and with it he'll be blowing the brains out of this baby being held by its mother and the splatter from the baby's brains will spell out the album title... we'll see what happens though," says Owens.

While Lords' pummelling sound clearly draws inspiration from the scene out of which it grew, elements of heavy, angular punk rock acts like Born Against and Karp, as well as an echo of the classic SST Records sound, obviously play a part in Lords' audio make-up.

"If it weren't for [classic Louisville act] Kinghorse, then Lords wouldn't be Lords," Owens adds.

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