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July 24, 2006

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Local Popsters Billy Talent and Toronto Hardcore kids Fucked Up have finally tossed the gloves in their long-standing feud by both releasing tracks "disrespecting" one another. The conflict dates back to last fall went Fucked Up were playing a packed show at the Bovine Sex Club, Queen Street's punk-rock Mecca. While a long line of Fucked Up fans were stuck waiting outside, a member of Billy Talent (who was well known to the Bovine's doorman) was waved in to the at-capacity club. Upon learning of this incident, Fucked Up guitarist 1000 Marbles promptly banned any member of Billy Talent from ever attending his shows, noting in a Eye Weekly interview that "they take up room from people who aren't slick douche-bag poseurs."

The next move was BT's, and they responded with the stinging cut "Where is the Line?" (off their new album, II) which features the lyrics "Urban Hipster, the new gangster, frontin' by the club / When did they assume, putting on a costume / Gave them a right to ostracize? Answer one question / Where is the line? Where is the line? / Between your fashion and your mind?" With that question posed, Fucked Up wasted no time entering the studio to quickly produce their comeback track simply titled "The Line".

Book-ended by two spoken word rants "The Line" is a minute-and-a-half of hardcore, punk-rock revenge. "Hey, high-hair", singer Father Damian barks at the pompadoured Ian D'Sa, "gimme my fucking ketchup, with your fucking swoop haircuts." He then continues to answer the question posed by Billy Talent, screaming, "The line is the bullshit that you put out, only your date-rapist fans would believe". The song also makes reference to Billy Talent's breakthrough hit, when a voice in the background quips, "Try Honesty? Try licking my balls!" Fucked Up conclude the song by flat out denying that this feud is any attempt to win over Billy Talent's fans, or capitalize on their fame, "I wouldn't want people that buy your fucking records to buy our records, people that buy your records are deaf, and fucking deaf and idiots... people who like you are worse than fucking Nazis... they're shit eaters, they can eat my shit."

Well known for their insane, and violent live shows (one Halloween, at Sneaky Dee's they played their whole set with carved-out jack-o-lanters on their heads, like helmets) Fucked Up have just recently inked a deal with New York emo label Jade Tree (Cap'n Jazz, Jets to Brazil) who will release their double album Hidden World this fall. Billy Talent, the ball's in your court now.

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