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November 7, 2006

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There's something inherently intriguing about FUCKED UP. It's a lot like watching a movie that you've seen a hundred times over yet it retains its luster as if you didn't already know every plot point. FUCKED UP surely pays homage to the hardcore bands of yore like CIRCLE JERKS, BLACK FLAG, and even POISON IDEA. Hidden World pushes aside all the ex-member hoopla and hoists FUCKED UP into a light of their own.

There's an element of inventive familiarity, if you will, to the songs of Hidden World. In short, these guys know how to make old sounding hardcore tunes sound fresh and relevant to 2006. By adding crucial melodic overtones to songs like the opener, "Crusades", one gets the impression these guys "get it". Though many will surely accuse the band of writing songs in the 5-6 minute range there's plenty of hip-jolting rock 'n roll to satiate even the most impatient of appetites. FUCKED UP is certainly no slouch when it comes to aesthetics. Just consider the melange of meaty vocals, twangy guitars, and steadfast percussion that comes stocked to the brim on this record.

There's no need to read deeply into the music of FUCKED UP. I mean, honestly, their name is FUCKED UP. This is a hardcore record just waiting to be absorbed by fans new and old. With Jade Tree behind this one I don't see this band losing steam any times soon. Recommended.

Paste Punk

Adam Barone