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May 29, 2006

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Over the past week or so since graduation, I’ve been looking for reasons to procrastinate on studying for the bar. With a working bicycle and easy access to the Internet, there seems to be no shortage of opportunties to find stuff to do other than review the Privileges and Immunities clause of the Constitution. I swear, the ease with which I am entertained will be my undoing.

Mostly the Internet has served as a gateway for new music over the past week (really!). In that vein, Brian directed me to Snowden, a new-ish band out of Atlanta, Georgia with a full length exepected in late August on Jade Tree records. The music has a pretty great feel to it—sharp-edged and fast-paced, but with an underlying sadness to it. It sounds kind of like the Cure if the Cure, you know, rocked. They’ve made a lot of music available on their site, which is nice. I particularly recommend Anti-Anti, off their forthcoming album.

Download, and have fun!

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