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September 13, 2007

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Here are the top ten reasons why you should drop everything you are currenty doing and go buy the new Cloak/Dagger record We Are, out now on Jade Tree.

10. Album opener “Bended Knee” sounds like a b-side off any Hot Snakes record. This is definitely not a bad thing. In fact, more people should be trying to write songs like Hot Snakes or any John Reis associated band.

9. With their debut full-length, Cloak/Dagger have officially moved to the front of the class along with their peers Government Warning, Career Suicide, Dustheads, and Fucked Up. Anyone who says that “punk is dead” should be punched in the ear.

8. Pardon the cliche ”Black Flag meets Drive Like Jehu” malarkey but lead singer Jason Mazzola’s vocal approach does have a very Keith Morris-era Black Flag feel to it. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

7. The kids love it and really know how to sum it up perfectly. Actual Punknews quote: “cloak/dagger’s lead singer has a habit of wearing shirts that are a lil’ too tight. good tunes, though.” Sold!

6. Seriously?°¦fuck pro tools. Lo-fi or die!

5. The first time I listened to We Are, I thought what it must be like to be in some non-offensive-trend-loving-borefest band. I imagine them listening to this album and recognizing how assimilating themselves into a creativity-devoid scene may have been the wrong move. Hang in there dudes, it can get better. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to the real deal. Girls jeans are labeled that for a reason.

4. Name one bad band from Richmond, Virgina. Yeah, didn’t think so.

3. Bass player Aaron Barth is a fellow ginger. They also have a song called “Red Hair.” Instant points granted.

2. This is the type of album that makes you want to stumble into your apartment at 4 am, put the record on at full blast, wake up all your neighbors, cut the sleeves off all your shirts, give yourself a homemade tattoo, and jump around your apartment, dancing and screaming at the top of your lungs until you collapse. Or in my case, strumming my bass, drunk, waking up my roommate and pretending I actually have the chops to play “J.C Pays The Bills.”

1. Finally, because We Are has joined the ranks of instant punk rock classics of recent memory, such as Paint It Black’s Paradise and Modern Life Is War’s Witness. It’s an album that channels the spirit of the past, with an inspired new twist, and puts all those jaded assholes to shame for doubting the new school’s potential. It’s ok, put the SSD records on the side for now and sign up. You’ll thank me later.

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