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August 26, 2003

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Varying from the pining of "Um..." to the happy pop of "Smile" to the soft anger of "Yr Letter" Jonah's OneLineDrawing has finally presented us with a full length record to enjoy along with his endless slew of EP's. Recorded in various homes and garages and wherever, "Visitor" is an excellent record that shows just how far home recording has come. You can't really tell at all that this was not done in a major studio. There are some moments where the recordings are a little inconsistent, but for the most part "Visitor" sounds like one congruent record. Anyone who has ever wanted to know where Dashboard Confessional got his/their ideas from needs to check out OneLineDrawing. Most of the songs consist of Jonah on his guitar and his drum machine Are Too (a slightly modified R2D2 toy). "Smile" is one of the greatest pop songs of all time. If it wasn't for the profanity that pop's up in "Yr Letter" this would be the perfect record to play for your parents when they came over to your place for dinner. Something you can totally enjoy and they won't mind one bit.

1340 mag

Rob Froese