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August 23, 2003

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These Arms Are Snakes are:
Steve Snere - Vocals
Brian Cook - Bass/Keyboards
Jesse Robertson - Keyboards
Joe Preston - Drums
Ryan Frederiksen - Guitars

If you already haven’t heard about These Arms Are Snakes you’re either listening to too much rap, or you live on a distant planet. With musical styles similar to those of Cursive and The Mars Volta and ex-members of such bands as Killing Sadie and even Botch you will find a band that encompasses all things imaginable, that band deem themselves as "These Arms Are Snakes". With the Seattle scene that is today driven with talent there is no wonder that you wouldn't find these bunch of rockers, featuring ex-members of some of yesteryears best hardcore bands such as Botch, Killing Sadie, and Deadlock. Although this is the bands first release they already have a mature and complete sound to them, unlike what you see in most bands first releases. The band have a very distinct style, unmatchable by any band, with the ability to switch musical styles in almost any part of a song and make it sound good, there is no doubt that you won't be seeing TAAS soon. From the start of the CD to the last twenty-three minutes and fifteen seconds, the band have you in in both aw and utter surprise the whole time, with surprising vocals, guitars, bass and drums. You will often find yourself so into the music that it is hard to detour yourself from it, in other words it is very mesmerizing at times. There isn’t really a standout track on this album because all are equally amazing in one way or another and have very little low points to them, not even worth mentioning. If you were to categorize TAAS you would either find them in Math Rock, Post-Hardcore, or anywhere in between.

If you are a avid fan of anything from The Mars Volta to The Blood Brothers you are sure to enjoy this album, although consisting of just five tracks listening to it over and over will make you think that there is no end, because that exactly what you will want to do once you get yourself a copy of the astounding EP.

I found this EP to be far more than I thought it would be, both energetic and spontaneous. There wasn’t a moment that I doubted that the band could pull out one more amazing characteristic from any style of music, because this band have it all.

Rating: 8/10

01. Riding the Grape Dragon
02. Run It Through the Dog
03. Diggers of Ditches Everywhere
04. The Blue Rose
05. Drinking from the Necks of the Ones You Love

Nailed Shut

Matt H.