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June 18, 2003

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The whole late '80s hardcore resurgence trend is, well, pretty trendy
and downright annoying. Most of the bands rehashing this sound make
me want to ask, "What year is it anyway, you idea-less dimwits?" That
said, Paint it Black's debut CVA is a fucking pleasure. Sure, their
sound is immersed in the past, bringing to mind bands like Minor
Threat and Negative Approach (complete with those killer sandpaper
vocals), but there's something extra here that most of the bands
doing '88 hardcore are missing. The new project for ex-Kid
Dynamite/Lifetime guitarist Dan Yemin (now screaming at the
microphone) and current Good Riddance drummer David Wagenschulz,
Paint it Black rip through 17 hook-filled songs in 19 minutes.
There's absolutely no relent as Yemin spouts off about all the things
that piss him off. It's a scream therapy session full of great
hardcore songs and it validates '88 hardcore as a genre that's still
got some juice left in it. In 2003? Who would have thunk it?

Jersey Beat

Jason Schreurs