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March 25, 2008

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Yowza! I guess there’s no reason to be surprised that a Dan Yemin-fronted band would drop an amazing record, but New Lexicon is most notable for being amazing and having Dan on vocals. Not to shit on Dan, but he’s no Pavaratti. Whatever the good doctor may lack in vocal range, he more makes up for it in sincerity, and we all can’t be Zoli from Ignite. He’s settled into a comfortable Rollins-esque bark (and stage posture). It’s refreshing to see, as Dan has dealt with more flakes than Kellogg's when it comes to singers.

New Lexicon is record number three for the Philly foursome, and the first without hardcore’s John Bonham, Dave Wagenshutz behind the drum kit. That’s a pretty mighty drum seat to have to fill, but Jared (ex-Hope Conspiracy) has stepped up admirably and the band is totally on fire, keeping it hardcore, with some of the most pronounced hooks Paint It Black has displayed to date. Props to J. Robbins and Oktopus for keeping it sonically interesting, to boot.

Yemin’s never been one to avoid an issue, and New Lexicon continues the trend. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to get the message in songs like "White Kids Dying Of Hunger" and "So Much For Honor Among Thieves". It’s a thoughtful move on his part, as you might find yourself dancing so hard in your room that deep metaphors could whiz by like so many positive youths.

New Lexicon is one catchy fucking hardcore record. Man, do we need one. As much as I love hearing some nineteen-year-old spout political rhetoric with $200 sneakers and a three-thousand dollar amp rig, it’s refreshing to hear some Flag-inflected sing/shout-along hardcore from guys that have been places other than their parents time-share. New Lexicon is probably the best hardcore record in the last three years, and the word about it will no doubt be on everyone’s tongue for a long time to come.

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