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January 1, 2001

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New End Original, fronted by the esteemed Jonah of Onelinedrawing, is a fantastic rock band. Jonah's voice is excellent: crystal clean and a loaded gun of emotion and charisma.
"Thriller"'s not a start-to-finish rock out session, though. It contains far too many weak songs for me to fall head over heels in love with it. "Lukewarm" is a dynamic starter song that reminds me of a harder Gin Blossoms. A few songs later, the four-and-a-half minute "Leper Song" is a piano track that slows things down and sometimes feels like a hinderance to the album. It's followed by the standout song, "Titanic", with headbobbing beats and a melodic chorus. It's a good reflection of the entire album, because it too slows down to a crawling pace, and sometimes feels like it weakens the song. After a few listens, though, that song, like the album as a whole, can be appreciated despite its lack of consistancy.
"Better Than Ever" is a tremendously slow, screamy track that forms the extreme opposite of the album's simple rock feel. Another song, "Weary Progress", is a short, thrashy, angst-driven garage-style song that lasts less than two minutes. "#1 Defender" and "Halo" are great examples of slower-paced songs that maintains the high standard of rock set earlier on the album, with solid beats and nice head-swaying sing-along melody. "Thriller" takes another turn towards the ultra-mellow for the last two songs, prompting me to usually cut off my listening a little bit early. I like the CD as a midway point between hard rock and the mellow side of punk. I think this CD could have been better, and I hope there will be a round two for New End Original.

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Tim Krysko