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July 1, 2002

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Ever since I saw Jonah perform as ONELINEDRAWING nearly two years ago at St. Andrew's Church in College Park, Maryland, I've been into his work and getting acquainted with both his older and current projects. I dug the NEW END ORIGINAL release, but unfortunately, that super-group seems to have disbanded. Anyway, less than a year thereafter of NEO's full-length, Jonah's back with "Visitor," and it's nothing but an enthralling trip through one person's thoughts and observations set to a serene, if not haunting background. Rotating between soley acoustic tracks, powered mostly by Jonah's fantastic (and terrifically recorded) vocals, and more pronounced songs with various players filling up the sound, "Visitor" doesn't blink once from stuttering off the track. Much like the rawness of DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL, it doesn't take a lot of time for one to become familiar with someone else's problems as if they were our own.

While no track particulary marks itself as not up to part with the rest of the songs, "Your Letter" however, makes no one guess as to which the standout track is. After reading the lyrics over and over again, I'm not sure anyone could convey the same kind of conviction as Jonah in regards to receiving a serious "break-up" letter. Ouch. In less words, but no less quality, the song "Visitor" croons, "I am like a $20 bill, changing hands when food is bought or tanks are filled / Move through others' lives so easily / I am like a $20 bill." Finally, the artwork, and super-slim, paper sleeve add great depth to the feelings expressed on here. Even without the "plugged in" sound, ONELINEDRAWING shares a heaviness that encompasses like few others.

Paste Punk

Jordan A. Baker