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June 3, 2003

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After a debut entitled "Goldenwest", this four piece band from Oklahoma signed to Jade Tree, and "Infinite Keys" is able to prove how Ester Drang are a great new starter for this label. The music on this record is what any critic would call indie rock and I guess I have to follow them: with an exception anyway. Ester Drang play some of the finest indie rock music you will ever get to hear; it is clear this band really worked so hard on any piece of any song, and demo after demo they got what you will held in your hands: an extraordinary piece of rock music, nine tracks of pure passion, emotional moments and feelings that it's hard to feel on any other album. Songs like "The Temple Mount", "No One Could Ever Take Your Face", "All The Feeling" and the closer "I don't Want to Live ( in a world of infinite keys)" show the great capacity of Ester Drang to play songs that are actually complete: nothing on "Infinite Keys" is out of tune, or wrong.

True Punk