Edsel - No. 5 Recitative JT1018
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No. 5 Recitative
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Release Date: February 1, 1995

An often-overlooked staple of the Washington D.C. scene, EDSEL shared the sound and philosophy of one of the world’s most prolific and influential regions without losing sight of their own unique vision. Packaged in a handsome dye-cut full-color sleeve designed by band member and graphic artist Steve Raskin, these two songs put forth a huge step toward that concept while refusing to obscure the environment that fostered them. (Also available as part of Jade Tree’s retrospective CD, The First Five Years (JT1050)

1. No. 5 Recitative
2. Laugh Him to Scorn

Sohrab Habibion: Vocals, Guitar, Farfisa
Steve Raskin: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Geoff Sanoff: Bass
John Dugan: Drums

Recorded December 1994/January 1995
Released February 1995

Recorded at Oz, MD
Engineered by Steve Palmieri
Mixed by Steve & Edsel
Edited by Mike Rippe & Edsel
Mastered by Michael Sarsfield at Frankford Wayne, NYC
Graphics by Steve Raskin