Sweetbelly Freakdown - The Long Haul JT1029
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7 Inch (Out of Print)

Sweetbelly Freakdown
The Long Haul
7 Inch

Release Date: October 1, 1996

Eschewing all of the emotionally fruitless glory of an overblown reunion, the final four members of Swiz decided to reunite with the very same integrity that made them so revered in the first place – as a brand new band with all new songs. Musically, SWEETBELLY FREAKDOWN choose to veer from the Swiz blueprint with a subtle brush, fashioning this two-song single as both a solid addition to their legacy as a group, while unapologetically forging a separate and singular identity of its own.

Shawn Brown: Vocals
Jason Farrell: Guitar
Dave Stern: Bass
Alex Daniels: Drums

Recorded September 1996
Released October 1996

Recorded at Sub Zero Sonic Lab, MD
Engineered & Mixed by J. Robbins
Mastered by Michael Sarsfield at Frankford Wayne, NYC
Layout/Graphics: Jason Farrell
Live Photo by Shawn Scallen

1. The Long Haul
2. MCR