The Promise Ring - The Horse Latitudes JT1031
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The Promise Ring
The Horse Latitudes
CD EP | Digital Download

Release Date: February 1, 1997

Is a less-than two year existence entirely too early to release an anthology CD? Not when you’re THE PROMISE RING and you’ve already chalked up two singles, a split 7″, and a couple of new songs that you’re just dying to release because it’s been, oh, only a few months since your debut full-length LP hit the shops. Apparently, these guys have no idea what it means to go resting on your laurels.

Davey vonBohlen: Vocals, Guitar
Jason Gnewikow: Guitar
Scott Beschta: Bass
Dan Didier: Drums

Released February 1997

Tracks 1-2 Originally released as the “Watertown Plank b/w Mineral Point” 7″
Released May 1995 (Foresight).Recorded April 1995
Tracks 3-5 Originally released as the “Falsetto Keeps Time” 7″ February 1996
(JT1023).Recorded November 1995
Track 6 Originally released as the “The Promise Ring/Texas is the Reason”
Split 7″ May 1996 (JT1024). Recorded March 1996
Tracks 7-8 Recorded December 1996 (Exclusive Never Released Bonus Tracks)

Mastered by Michael Sarsfield at Frankford Wayne, NYC
Layout by Jason Gnewikow
Photography by Scott Beschta

1. Watertown Plank
2. Mineral Point
3. A Picture Postcard
4. Saturday
5. Scenes From Parisian Life
6. E. Texas Ave.
7. Miette
8. I Never Trusted the Russians