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The Explosion
Flash Flash Flash
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Release Date: June 1, 2000

It’s more than a record; it’s a sonic revolt. Fourteen brand new tracks by Boston’s fiercest street punk band since Choke was Jack and Springa went metal. The anti-establishment just found their musical middle finger.

1. No Revolution
2. God Bless The S.O.S.
3. Reactor
4. Broken Down and Out
5. Outbound Line
6. Tarantulas Attack
7. Terrorist
8. The Ideal
9. If You Don’t Know
10. Novocaine
11. Leave it in the Dirt
12. Conniption Fit
13. Points West
14. True or False

Million Dollar Matt Hock: Vocals
Sam Cave: Guitar
Dave Walsh: Guitar
Damian Genuardi: Bass
Dan Colby: Drums

Recorded February 2000
Released June 2000

Recorded at Salad Days, DC
Engineered & Mixed by Brian McTernan
Produced by Brian & The Explosion
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side, NJ
Cover Art & Silkscreens: Damian Genuardi
Layout by Jeremy Dean
Photography by Tim Owen